The Auto Industry is Being Disrupted By COVID-19

Because of this "once in a generation" event we are "rebooting/pivoting" the focus of this site to help our industry get through this "disruptive event" by delivering information, knowledge, online training solutions, new technologies and techniques designed to help your business become a DISRUPTER and survive and thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s ever-changing environment.
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75% Off My Marketing "Boot Camp" Course Through July 2020

Normally $299.00...Due to the "abnormal times" and for approximately the next 90 days, we are now operating in, the new price is $74.99 and I am donating 25% of the course fee to charity!

17% Off My Book, Auto Industry Disruption...What and What is Being Disrupted and What to Do About It!

In addition to the 17% discount on paperback versions of my book, I am also donating $5.00 to the Collision Industry Foundation for every paperback book that is purchased.

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